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Hello, my name is Damian. Until last year, I had never planned a funeral. However, when both of my parents passed away within weeks of each other, I suddenly had to plan two. I was experiencing such grief that I didn't know where to start. Thankfully, my friend put me in touch with a fantastic funeral home who guided me through the entire process. They looked after the bodies, recommended a church and helped to arrange transport for guest. I decided to start this blog to help others who need to plan a funeral. I hope you find the information useful.



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Planning a Funeral

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Funeral Home

by Christopher King

A funeral home is vital when laying loved ones to rest. In most cases, people look for a funeral home immediately after the passing of a family member or close friend. However, it is essential to plan for such matters early enough to avoid a last-minute rush which could lead to hasty decisions. When looking for a funeral home, it is important to take your time and visit a few funeral homes before making a decision.

Below are several considerations that will guide you.


There are many funeral homes advertising their services online. Ultimately, you will want a funeral home that offers the best service. Look for online reviews, or ask friends and family to make a few recommendations.  


The funeral home has to be conveniently located to ease logistics during the funeral day. You can choose a funeral home that is located close to your home, to the burial site, or to the chapel, depending on your preference.

Religious and cultural factors

There are funeral homes that are affiliated with a particular religion or culture. Ultimately, if the funeral is to be conducted according to specific cultural or religious laws, you would want a funeral home that offers such services.

Funeral program

Some people would want the funeral home to preserve the body before the funeral day. Other people would want the funeral home to prepare a wake as well as provide funeral grounds. If that is the case, consider the size of the chapel, its location and the availability of parking and washrooms for people attending the funeral.

Type of funeral

Some people choose to be cremated as opposed to being buried. Other people wish to donate their bodies for medical research. Environmentalists may prefer to be buried in an environmentally friendly way. If the body will be publicly viewed, it can be embalmed. You have to ensure that the funeral home provides such services.


The funeral home should be affordable. When looking for a suitable funeral home, ask for a quote for the requested services. It is essential to be very specific, as you would not want to incur any extra charges. To save on costs, you might decide to bring your preferred casket and organise a funeral ceremony on your own.

A funeral home is a one-stop shop for all funeral needs. When choosing a funeral home, consider its reputation and location. The funeral home should also accommodate your religious or cultural rites, the funeral program and the type of funeral. Finally, it should be affordable.