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Hello, my name is Damian. Until last year, I had never planned a funeral. However, when both of my parents passed away within weeks of each other, I suddenly had to plan two. I was experiencing such grief that I didn't know where to start. Thankfully, my friend put me in touch with a fantastic funeral home who guided me through the entire process. They looked after the bodies, recommended a church and helped to arrange transport for guest. I decided to start this blog to help others who need to plan a funeral. I hope you find the information useful.




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Planning a Funeral

Ways to Upgrade Your Funeral Business

by Christopher King

Most family-owned and -operated funeral homes tend to operate in much the same way as they have for generations. There may have been a few upgrades over the years, but these may have been upgrades that were necessary rather than changes done to modernise the funeral home and business itself. If you are a funeral director that has recently inherited the family business, you may be looking for ways to upgrade the business and reach out to new customers. Here are a few ways to reach those goals.

Building Upgrades

First impressions of a business are often the most important. If you have outdated seating areas, chapel areas and exterior building areas then the clients will notice immediately. The outdated atmosphere may show the clients that your funeral home services are outdated as well. Make sure to take the time to upgrade sitting rooms, the chapel and even kitchen areas that the clients may be using or see. Change the carpet, upgrade the paint and consider upgrading the furniture to give a more modern and upgraded feel.

Technology Upgrades

If your family has owned the funeral business for generations, then the technology may not be as upgraded as you or your clients would like. As a funeral director, you should know that technology does not only include your computers and software. Technology also can include upgrades to your embalming equipment and your services as well. Consider upgrading your refrigeration and embalming units including expansions and refrigeration area upgrades. Also, consider upgrading technology for services such as offering a digital option to display images of the deceased during their service and live web streams of the service for family members that are unable to attend.

Family Upgrades

One way that some funeral directors are upgrading their business is by thinking of ways to make the services easier on the family members and those attending the funeral. This can range from offering areas for small receptions and areas for child care. Though you may not think these upgrades have a place in a funeral home, as a funeral director offering these options, you can show your clients that you are focused on making them comfortable and offering as much help to the family to make this process as easy as possible.

These are just a few of the ways you can upgrade your family-owned funeral business as a funeral director. Keep in mind that some of your staff may have ideas on ways to upgrade your services as well. Make sure to take each aspect of the business into consideration when you are considering your upgrades.